Good Ideas

Any good ideas for allotment gardening will be posted here.

If you have any, please email me (email on the home page)

 Saw this yesterday...

Hoselock growbag waterer

It's a Growbag water-er.  Set it up like in the picture.  The yellow things stuck up have capillary matting through them.  They cut into the growbag once the bag is pushed down.  It must all be level.  It holds 15 litres of water.  The manufacturer says it will keep the plants watered for up to 14 days.  The support canes push through the bag into those 3 holes.  

growbag waterer 2

Fill the water through that rectangular hole or attach a hose connector (see pic above).  There is a gauge at the front that lets you know how much water is remaining.  Well it sounds promising so I'll give it a go.  So if you only get chance to visit the allotment over the weekends this should be just the job.


Using Bamboo canes with netting?  To stop the canes poking through the netting, pop small upturned plant pots at the ends of the canes.  Simples....... Cool


Early Pea protection

I hope Charlie doesn't mind but thought I'd share how he starts off his peas when there is still a risk of frost about