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Organic Farmyard Manure 

This 100% organic manure can be used all year round  as a mulch or dug in to the soil.

Levington's Farmyard Manure improves the yield and vitality of fruit, vegetables, flowers and roses, by adding organic matter and nutrients and increasing the water retention qualities of your soil.


We have a fine selection of allotment/gardening books available at 50p.  They need to go.....  Ideal for new allotment gardeners or the experienced..


allotment books


Crop/Debris Netting 

2m x 50m rolls.  

£32 per roll or 75p p/m

3m x 50m rolls

£42 per roll or £1 p/m

3m x 20m rolls

£18.00 per roll or £1 p/m


~ UV stabilised Polyethylene
~ Approx 70/50grams per square metre
~ Knitted eyelet holes along the edges and down the middle section for ease of use
~ Available in any colour as long as it's green or blue
~ Available in 1meter lenghts
~ Extremely popular as crop netting in allotments.