What fertiliser to use

Bonemeal NPK  3.5-17-0 Encourages healthy root development Releases nutrients slowly  Ideal for bulbs, herbaceous plants, shrubs, roses, fruit trees and Strawberries  
Calcified Seaweed   Ideal clay breaker and soil conditioner can be used on lawns, beds and borders to correct soil acidity Highly favoured by Chrysanthemum, sweet pea, dahlia, leek and onion showmen  
Chicken Pellets   Ideal for flowers, lawns, veg, trees and roses High concentrate Weed and bug free With trace elements to feed the soil
Chrysanthemum/Tomato NPK 5-8-11 Ideal for both Chrysanthemum and Tomato plants      
Dried Blood NPK 6-10-10  Promotes above the ground growth  Good for leafy crops eg lettuce, spinach and cabbage  Also excellant feed for foliage plants  
Epsom Salts NPK 10% magnesium Rapid cure for Magnesium deficiency Good for house plants and Tomatoes  Use as base dressing or liquid feed Apply during the growing season
Fish, Blood and Bone NPK 5-5.6-5 Traditional organic based general purpose Encourages strong growth Promotes healthy root development Apply through the growing season
Growmore NPK 7-7-7  General purpose  A balance of all 3 plant foods  For fruit and veg and flowers  pre seeding fertiliser and before laying turf or sowing grass seed
Hoof and Horn NPK 12-0-0 Slow release high nitrogen For plants that produce large leaf eg veg and corn Nitrogen needed to make leaf protein High quility leaves to produce corn and maize
John Innes Base NPK 5.1-7.7-9.7 General balanced fertiliser for all around the garden Used for mixing up all other ranges of John Innes fertilisers Can be used as a base dressing  
Lime (Garden)   A soil conditioner to sweeten and improve the drainage of clay soil Adds calcium and magnesium to the soil. Neutrilises acid soils Enables beneficial soil bacteria to flourish
Lime (Hydrated)   Used as a soil conditioner to neutralise acidic soil conditions Fine powder and quick acting Can irritate skin so handle with care  
Onion Fertiliser NPK 6-8-15 Contains all essential nutrients Onions need Slow release over 10-2 weeks Tastier and increased yeild for onions, shallots and garlic  
Peat   Helps improve natural drainage and aeriation of heavy clay type soils Adds structure to sandy soils    
Potatoe Fertiliser NPK 6-10-10  Ballanced for better potato crop Promotes bumper crops  Can be used on other veg crops  Slow release of nutrients
Potting Grit   Lime free and washed For cacti, succulents and alpines provides extra drainage  
Nitrate of Chalk NPK 27-0-0 Quick acting nitrogen fertiliser  Contains a small amount of lime  God for brassicas and root veg Avoid acid loving plants
Rock Dust   Volcanic rock dust adds essential minerals and trace elements Boosts soil fertility Invigorate composting Ideal for wormeries
Silver sand   Mix with Peat to make compost for cuttings Improves aeriation Ideal for top dressing lawns  
Sulphate of Ammonia NPK 21-0-0  Fast acting nitrogen fertiliser for good leafy growth For brassicas, lettuce, spinach, Rhubarb, leeks and onions  For rapid boost for flowering plants, shrubs and fruit Also greens up a tired lawn
Sulphate of Potash NPK 0-0-48 Boosts flowering and ripening of fruit  Improves strengh and vigour of plants  Better fruit yeilds and bigger blooms For use on Tomatoes and cane fruit
Sulphate of Iron   Greens turf, helps roots and hardens turf to protect against disease Reduces alkalinity of soil improves cultivation of acid loving plants