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November 2019

We now require payment at the time of ordering your onions and potatoes.  This decision has been taken to reduce waste and keep prices down. 

We now accept Card payments.  

Tildenet Mulchtex 50 Weed Control Membrane

Weed control sheeting

We sell this by the metre and is 2m wide.  Use it to suppress weeds if you are after low maintenance gardening.  Can be covered with bark, decorative stones, slabs or any other covering to stop weeds coming through.  Some people we know have had this sort of covering down for 10yrs and is still stopping the weeds!

From the manufacturer - The Mulchtex range is a spun bonded polypropylene weed control fabric with high levels of UV stabiliser which allows air, nutrients and liquids to pass through soil. Mulchtex acts as a weed barrier and enables easy planting, by pre-cutting cross holes in the fabric. Because it is spunbonded material, it can be easily cut without fraying. 


Update 28th October 2020

Please note that our suppliers have increased prices to us apparently due to Brexit.  As a result we have had to increase some of our prices by a few pence.  So the prices currently on here may not match those in the shop in some cases.  Please be assured that our prices will always give great value and many prices are cheaper than the likes of Amazon etc.  



If there is one thing we believe in, it's being honest and transparent.  

We know how hard finances are for everyone right now and we have negotiated hard and being very selective whom we buy from.  In some cased we have absorbed increases.  As the shop is there to supply to our members, we are a service and not a company.  Some items we sell at cost, but we must make something to cover overheads of the shop and site.

 Updated 30/11/21 - prices removed due to regular updates









Bloom and Gro Compost 56ltr New in
Chicken Pellets Manure

Now in 8kg Tubs

Clover Multipurpose 60lts 
Clover Peat Free Organic Compost 40ltr



Debris Netting       50mx2m & 50mx3m
Dried Blood        Half Kilo   
Ericaceous Compost           40 Lts   
Fish, Blood & Bone      
Compost activator      
Growbags '4 plants' Large & deep      
Hoof & Horn           Half Kilo    
Humax Multipurpose 60ltr 
John Innes Base      
John Innes compost 25Ltr No 2  
John Innes compost 25Ltr No 3  
Lawn Seed (bowling green quality)              Half Kilo   
Lawn Sand        
Lawn Autumn feed       
Lawn spring & summer       
Lawn weed & feed 20kg      
Lime ground        Large bag  £5.20
Lime Hydrated              25Kg £8.70
M3 High Nutrient comp            75ltr
'Mother Earth' Multi            70ltr 
Nitrate of chalk      
Onion Fertiliser        3kg  Large bag 
Paraffin                Sold out
Peas (pint or half pint)        £1.95 pint
Perlite 5ltr       
Potato fertiliser      
Peat bale - Clover         100ltr
Peat bale - Clover         200ltr
Perlka         800g    
Potting grit bag
Rose fertiliser      
Seaweed (calcified)      
Slug Pellets 500g    
Sulphate of Amonia      
Sulphate of Iron      

Sulphate of Magnesium

(Epsom Salts)


Full bag

Sulphate of Potash      
Silver Sand      
Vermiculite 5ltr 


Water retaining Gel



Growganic is a 100% concentrated Organic Fertiliser (or smelly) and is one of our best sellers.    It has been produced for over 25 years.  It is ideal for Lawns, roses, flowers, Vegetables, fruit and shrubs.  It conditions the soil and breaks clay.  It's easily to spread and to handle. One bag will treat up to 250 square yards.  


 40Ltr bag


Pelleted Chicken Manure is also a 100% natural fertiliser in easily spread pellet form.  It's eight times richer than 'normal' farmyard manure.  It is spread by the handful on small or large space.  Ideal for all soils, flowers, lawns, vegetables, shrubs and trees.  Can also be used in pot plants and hanging baskets as it has no odor.  It is also safe around children and animals.  Dissolve in water for use as liquid feed.  


This is now sold in a 8kg bucket and an alternative 14kg bag

Bamboo canes

Bamboo canes Top quality!!

3ft - 23p each

4ft - 30p each

5ft - 35p each

6ft - 45p each

8ft - 60p each

NEW Farmyard Manure 40L

New stock in now by popular demand.  £4.50 per bag or 3 for £13