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We have new electric gates so if you have a plot at Swiss Cottage but no entry code, you will need to phone the allotment mobile to receive the code before you can gain entry.  Or call into the shop during the opening hours to receive the code.  


Well it's a slow wet start to the new growing year.  If you haven't been to see us in a while you should pay us a visit.  We extended the car parking area last summer and also took the opportunity to improve the drainage so the car park no longer floods.  We have also new toilet facilities on site.   



Our latest news is, if you haven't visited us in a while, we have a new look shop.  We spent the winter of 21/22 spending some of your money on a full shop refit.  Come on down, you'll love it.... 


We now have new Kings seeds in for 2023 that include green manure, we have flower seeds that also attract the bees good for bees.  We also now stock vegitable seeds that are organic, and we now stock peat free compost.  Change is happening...


14/03/21- Humax.

One of our best sellers Humax original has been withdrawn from sale by the manufacturer.  It will be reformulated and released later in the year to be reduced peat and peat free varieties only.  Once our stock has gone, it's gone forever in it's current formulation.  In the meantime we are stocking Bloom and Grow multipurpose.  We have been assured that this is a very close substitute once our Humax has gone.

Bloom and gro compost


14/03/21 - Clover Peat free organic compost!!

We are very aware of the growing demand or more environmentally friendly composts.  We are please to now be stocking this organic peat free Clover compost.  

 Clover Peat free Organic compost



If any member needs to report any issues of site security, water leaks or any other managerial issues, please use the Swiss Cottage email on our home page.  


Theft of fruit!

A plot holder has been given 7 days notice to vacate their plot after they were seen stealing fruit from a plot.  Due to the misery theft causes we have introduced a zero policy.  There is CCTV on site, and there is also 'covert CCTV' that operate in areas where theft has been reported.  Please report any theft to the shop during opening hours.  If you install your own covert CCTV, please notify a committee member (in confidence) before doing so.  




23/02/18 - present day

We have received more top quality 8 foot canes.  These are in extremely high demand and the best canes you can buy.  Get them now before we sell out.  Smile





New line.....

Anti bird netting  - 


Cabbage & Carrot netting - 

We still sell debris netting in 2m and 3m widths that will compliment the above netting. 



Soot!!!  - limited availability

Yes the black stuff that's hard to come across now.  Some say it deters slugs from eating your spuds and that it's a good soil conditioner.  Some of our plot holders have become really excited now that we are stocking the black stuff.  

It's £2 a bag.  


Want to have the very best Tomato feed out there but are put off by the price?  Swiss Cottage have the solution.  We are now stocking Genuine Maxicrop Tomato plus Fertiliser for a fraction of the normal cost.  I am confident that you can't buy Maxicrop cheaper anywhere else.  If you can, let me know and I'll match it.  But don't forget to include postage if you are shopping on the net.  

Maxicrop tomato feedSo how can we be cheaper than anybody else?  Simple, we buy in bulk and you bring in your own container for us to fill up.  What could be simpler!  I have several old bottles from last year cluttering up the greenhouse.  Why throw them away, why not recycle your old containers.  That's the deal.  Bring in your old container and we'll give you the quantity you want.  It's concentrated so a little goes a long way.  

Update, we have some that we have bottled up ourselves, so if you don't have a bottle, we do.  It's the same price too...

So, why settle for the cheap tomato feed when you can have the best but cheaper!!


Maxicrop Original Seaweed Extract - 1ltr


Concentrated natural plant bio-stimulant formula will help grow stronger, healthier plants, flowers and vegetables. Regular use will improve resistance to pests, disease and environmental stress.

Approved by the Soil Association for Organic Growing.



Vitax Bordeaux Mixture 175g

A wettable powder containing 30% tetracopper tricalcium sulphate. 

Controls potato and tomato blight, peach leaf curl, leaf moulds, apple canker, bacterial canker on cherry and plum trees.

Note: Always follow the manufacturers instructions and keep out of the reach of children and pets



2m & 3m x 50m and 3m x 20m rolls of Debris Netting in stock.  

Also sold by the meter and kept at the same price as last year. 

 debris netting



We also now stock onion fertiliser!

We do price check all our stock and these potatoes and onion sets are much cheaper than anywhere else including Wilkinson, B&Q and all local garden centres.

Buy them while you can

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It's a big tough world out there and we are always looking at ideas to keep Swiss Cottage rents down and improve the allotment site for everyone.   Please have a look at our 'Fundraising' page (left hand side at the bottom) and help us raise funds towards our allotment site. It will cost you nothing and we will all benefit at Swiss Cottage.

We now have our very own Facebook page. 

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A message to those people who see fit to break into our shop.  There is no money kept there.  Not even the charity tin, because someone went to a lot of trouble to break in and took it the last time.  I hope the few pounds were worth the effort!  Sorry folks, but I needed to get that off my chest......


Can I ask that plot holders keep us notified of any address/phone number change.